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At IDR, we develop custom software applications as per our clients requirements to serve with strategic benefits.


As a custom Software Application Development Company, we elucidate their views and draft a blueprint accordingly for the software development.

At every stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) i.e. requirement gathering, strategizing, creating a model, implementation, and deployment, we maintain constant communication with the client so that nothing goes unnoticed and if any risks are identified it can be dealt immediately.


We have a dynamic team of talented software developers who are experienced in developing robust and efficient systems.


Gain competitive advantages with IDR custom application development services to have business applications addressing unique requirements.


Mobile app Development - IDR has developed software solutions from the inception to launch.

Our custom mobile apps development services are strictly based on our client’s requirements.

We have experience in designing the UI/UX of Mobile Apps and are also proficient in iOS and Android development.


From small to large businesses, we have developed quality and cost effective solutions enabling our clients achieve their business objectives.